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You can love anything...your family, friends, pet, house, job, nature, car, hobby, country, or even love just to yourself. Have you lost somebody or something that you loved? Are you missing something that you never had? Are you dreaming about something? Are you planning to get married and need an unusual gift? Need to send a postcard to your family? Or just need a piece of internet only for you?
don't leave it, don't forget it
write with love
Find your destiny number and keep your account connected to it. This unique number is related to our date of birth. it cannot be changed, so its energy will influence all the events that will happen in our lives.

million of hearts - only one website

With so many things to think about, you need a website page that gets things done. See how MillionOfHearts will simply keep your dreams alive.

save your memories

Creating a simple webpage is easy with MillionOfHearts. Place your photos and write a message from the past to be visible on the future.

create your photo gallerie

The perfect photograph has beautiful galleries. With MillionOfHearts you can easily create a presentation album or even to offer it as additional option in your photo package.

create a printable postcard

Using our gorgeous templates, you can customize a romantic post card, a rustic invitation or a love letter. You can print it at home, have it printed at your favorite photo lab / professional printer or just email it.

create a blog page and share it

You don’t have to be a professional blogger! Select one of our cutomable templates, add your text, chose your favorite photos and...share it!

create your wedding invitations

With MillionOfHearts, it's easy to create a wedding invitations that has all details required. In addition you can send to your guests as simply as letter.

see how other people shared their memories

People from all over the world decided to write and store their memories, dreams, love thoughts, or even to own a piece of internet here, on MillionsOfHearts.